Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mama Mio Boob Tube giveaway!

Boob Tube- A product that reverses th effects of pregnancy, nursing, three children, sleepless nights, braless days, the complete interruption of your skincare regimen from the birth of your firstborn through the schooling of your last, and any other wear and tear your nyunga-nyungas may have suffered during your life time. It's a fantabulous product available only from Mama Mio, and right now, Five Monkies is giving away a tube of it. To enter for your chances to win, go to Five Monkies and:

Mandatory entry:

Head over to Mama Mio and let me know another product you feel like is a must have for every woman!

Optional entries:
Follow Mama Mio on Twitter
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Make a purchase from Mama Mio. 10 entries
Subscribe to the madness. 3 entries
Follow this blog publicly
Grab my button
Blog about this giveaway. 5 entries
Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Can tweet every two hours.
Like Five Monkies on Facebook
Post about this on your Facebook wall. Can do this 1x a day.
Enter any of the other giveaways.
Leave a comment on any non-giveaway post.

As you can see, there's LOTS of ways to enter for your chance to win! So don't miss out... =]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For nursing moms:

Get some free nipple relief. And for those of you moms who don't nurse, scroll down for several free formula samples! =)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Pampers Cruisers Diapers

We could all use some free diapers. Or, well, our babies could... cough cough. Remember to do your Kegals, new mothers!

Scroll down for more free diapers, baby food, formula, and toher random goodies. And subscribe to make sure you don't miss any in the future!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buy Bulk and Get Rebates

A couple of major name-brand baby products have rebates out right now, and combined with buying bulk and using coupons, they're a great way to get A LOT for a little.

One is Huggies from Toys R Us. On April 2nd and 3rd only, if you buy 2 value boxes of Huggies diapers, you get a $15 Toys R Us giftcard.

The second is for Enfamil. In stores such as Target, you can find the great big $30 value boxes of Enfamil formula, and if you buy 3, you can mail in your receipt for a $20 rebate.

If you can find coupons to use with your purchase of these items in bulk, you can save even more. Use 2 $3 coupons with your diaper purchase and save a total of $21... Use 3 $5 coupons with your Enfamil purchase and save a total of $35.

Of course, you can also get plenty of baby stuff for free... Scroll down or subscribe for lots of free samples. =)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More free formula!

Another free sample of formula offer! In case you weren't aware, I've already posted about 20 links for samples of free formula, and many of them are still good, so scroll down for more free formula.

And free diapers, and free baby food, and free sippy cups... You get the picture. =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rewards Points

If you're suing Huggies' Enjoy The Ride Rewards program: here are some free points:

5 Point Codes


1 Point Codes

If you use Pamper's Gifts to Grow rewards program, here are free points

30 Point Codes

10 Point Codes

I personally use Huggies' rewards program, and it's been very beneficial! You can earn point by finding them on packages of wipes and diapers, by watching videos, by taking polls, by visiting webpages, by emailing your friends, or by following me to see when I post free points! Points are redeemable for instant-win games and Sweepstakes (you could win anything from jewelry to toys to money to diapers to backyard play-sets), or you can use your points to purchase items from the Rewards Catalogue. For me, that means free diapers and bibs! =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Random Freebies

Free Prenatal Vitamins In case you've got another on the way! I don't, but, hey, maybe you do. You need prenatal vitamins anyway, so why not try 'em for free? And if you're not pregnant, word on the street is, prenatal vitamins can improve skin, nail, and hair health, so maybe you want to try some anyway!

Free Baby Food Be prepared for a mess. 'Nuff said.

Smarter baby? Free Chopin Classical Music Sampler probably won't turn your drooling darling into a statistics-spouting superbaby, but it's relaxing and may improve spacial skills. And hey, it's free, so why not.

Scroll down for more free stuff... diapers, formula, Juicy Juice sippy cups, and like forty three thousand other things.