Saturday, September 12, 2009

Formula Vs Boob: The debate continues

My daughter is eight days old today-- hence so few updates last week! ;) They say it takes 2 weeks to get back into the swing of things, so hopefully by next week I'll be updating every day again with coupons, freebies, ways to save, and other resources for parents who want the best and just can't afford it without help! (Believe me, I know-- after picking up a prescription yesterday, I have exactly $3 to last me till next week...)

And on the the subject of this post-- I'd opted for breastfeeding. Healthier, cheaper, and, according to some, less stinky diapers (yay!). Unfortunately I've had quite a bit of trouble getting the hang of it, and we had to supplement with formula. I'm not of the if-you-use-formula-you-will-go-to-Hell school of thought, but it was still disappointing because I felt inadequate and formula is EXPENSIVE. Luckily, we got soem free samples. If you need some samples of Infamil, just print off this certificate and take it to your doctor. If you have not had your baby yet, register with Infamil and/ or Nestle Similac get certificates to take to the hospital with you to get a free diaper bag in addition to your samples.

UPDATE Sept 14 2009:
More free formula samples!
Parent's Choice Immune Support
Parent's Choice Gentle Formula
Parent's Choice Milk Based

And back to the original post:

We also got some great help from a lactation consultant at the hospital and a member of my local chapter of La Leche League. They helped me to find someone from whom to rent a breast pump, which is much less irritating to my skin than my daughter's tongue-thrust suck. Also, I can start pumping milk to save (good for 5 months in the freezer!) to use for when I go back to work and school so that I don't have to use (and buy) formula then.

Also, I got a prescription for something called Triple Cream-- more than just lanolin, it has antibiotics and prevents infection and thrush (yeast infection in the baby's mouth). Unfortunately, it was about $90, and I wasn't sure how much insurance would cover. I had $33 in cash, and decided if it cost more than $30, I just couldn't afford it. Luckily, it cost $30 even! So... $3 to get till next week. Luckily, between my infinite free samples of diapers (scroll down a few posts to read more about that) and my new breast pump and formula samples, we should be fine for another week. =)

Good luck saving money and getting the best for your kids, and don't forget to look at the picture of my beautiful new daughter Sophie in the next post! =)

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