Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuff For Mom

Being a mom is 24-hour job (even if you work outside the home), with no coffee breaks, paid vacation, sick leave, or worker's comp (tennis elbow and carpel tunnel from holding a colicky baby for hours on end, anyone?). After spending all this effort to get the very best in (free) name-brand diapers, formula, and education for your children, you deserve something nice for YOU.

Let's start off with some free chocolate. Some free Godiva chocolate. Yes, that's Godiva chocolate, as in the $10-for-four-pieces kind. This is why my blog is called the Name-Brand Mommy, not the lousy-cheap-generic-store-brand Mommy (even though that's realistically all I could afford without these freebies). Just sign up for a Godiva rewards card, and in addition to earning free chocolate when you make Godiva purchases (yeah, right), you'll automatically get a free sample of chocolate in the mail every month. Imagine what a treat it will be when, after a long day of unappreciated cleaning, cooking, and chauffeuring, a piece of quality chocolate arrives unexpectedly in your mailbox.

The next thing you need is a pedicure. As if you have time for that, right? Okay, then, how about a free super-rich foot cream. Kerasal is the good stuff. I promise. And you deserve it, after all your feet have been through (chasing after babies and walking for hours through Wal*Mart).

And how about a party? Yea, okay, sounds like more work than relaxation. But how about a professionally-planned party with food and entertainment provided? House Party offers users the chance to test new products-- new foods, unreleased albums, and pre-screened movies, software, games, and crafts. You pick who to invite, and House Party manages your RSVPs, plans your party, and provides the stuff. You even get extra freebies for hosting the party. Like a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party, only you don't have to try to sell anything. If it still sounds like too much of a challenge, sign up and you could wind up as a guest at a party in your area and still get the free stuff. And a night off. Woo-hoo!

Enjoy your freebies... next post, we'll return the attention to your adorable and deserving kids ;)

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