Saturday, September 19, 2009

When you need something you just don't have...

Sophie and I joined a baby-parent group at our local birthcare center, which meets for an hour and a half midmorning once a week, and it was just wonderful. I strongly recommend looking for one in your area, or joining an online community for new moms such as Strong Moms, Cafe Mom, or Mom Logic. These communities offer excellent support:something every mother needs.

While at the parent-baby group, the nurse who directs the group and answers questions firmly suggested that I see my doctor ASAP because I just wasn't healing right. So I called my ob/gyn at about 11, and the receptionist was sure I could get in some time that day, and would call me back to tell me when to come in. I live in a suburb out of town, so I decided to wait around in town until I got the call.

I wound up seeing the doctor around 5 pm.

Being an ever-vigilant mom (riiiiight...), I had packed 6 diapers for our 3-hour trip to town. Unfortunately, I did not count on it turning into a 10-hour trip. In the last hour, I was forced to construct an emergency diaper out of 3 maxipads.

If you need free diapers, I do not recommend trying to make your own using maxipads. It proved not to be leak-proof. Instead, I recommend a free sample of Huggies. Or, check out my post about making Huggies fit your budget.

Also, don't hesitate to ask your ob/gyn, pediatrician, or the hospital where you give birth for free samples of formula. Most have plenty on hand and will be glad to share. Or, scroll down to Formula vs Boob for more ways to get free formula.

So keep using free samples whenever they're available! And, in light of my creative diaper alternative, please share: What's the craziest substitute you've ever had to use as a mother? And, did it work?


  1. Freebies is one of the best way to save money. Thanks for sharing the information

  2. Well, I've never made a diaper out of maxipads alone, but I did use them as added absorbency in my daughters bedtime diaper. She used to wet right through to her clothes and crib sheets and she would wake up crying, so I got the idea to reinforce her diaper at night with those bulky pads the hospital gives you. They became my diaper back-up system and worked really well in keeping her clothes dry and helping her to sleep through the night. Whatever works, right? It's amazing how women suddenly turn into MacGyver when it comes to solving problems like this. lol!! Great blog--see you on mylot.