Monday, March 8, 2010

More free diapers.

So, apparently Pamper's is coming out with some kind of crazy new-and-improved super dry diaper. You may have seen the commercials on TV. They're really hyping it up!

For more free diapers... Scroll down to the two previous posts. I'll continue to post individual diaper freebies as I find them, at the risk of putting more extensive posts about the kajabillions of things you can get for free further down the page. So be dilligent, scroll down, and keep signing up for stuff! With the offers I've posted, I never go more than a week without getting some sort of free baby product in the mail-- Usually at least two diapers per week. It adds up!

PS At my local mall, in the department store Von Maur, there is a very nice 'Women's Lounge' with a nursing room, changing station, etc. And, the changing station is always stocked with wipes, diaper cream, baby powder, and-- get this-- individually-wrapped, one-size-fits-all free diapers! So next time you're at the mall, check and see if any of your department store offers this convenience. No, I don't use the publicly-available diaper cream and wipes (ew), but I can't say I haven't put a free diaper in my purse every now and then...

So take the baby, er, bull by the horns and don't give up on your quest for free diapers! Sign up for every free-sample offer you can when they're available, and be creative about ways to save money! =)

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